We understand that school security must address potential risks, but also be fiscally sound. Delivering recommendations for improved security accomplishes little if we cannot find creative ways to fund the program. Because of our experience, our approach is unique.

The services we provide encompass both the evaluation of existing programs and the design of new security solutions. Among the ways we can help your district include:

  • Conducting School Security Assessments
    To determine the strengths of an existing security program, and find the opportunity for enhancements, the security program in place must be assessed. Once potential risks have been identified, appropriate countermeasures can be implemented.

    The security assessment provides an independent review of security policies, procedures, personnel, security hardware, electronic systems, emergency/crisis readiness, training, emergency communications systems, and of the many program facets required to keep students and staff safe. The key to effective security is an approach which balances all the elements.

    The security assessment will also ensure that the district is in compliance with federal and any state mandates related to school security.

    During an assessment, both short and long-term security goals will be identified to ensure that the existing security program and the recommendations made support district growth and other factors that may impact the program both now, and in the future.

  • Evaluation of Existing Policies and Procedures
    An important aspect of a school security program are written policies and procedures. Having and following written policies ensures the uniform application of your district’s security plan. We can review existing policies and provide recommendations based on best practices, the policies and procedures proven to effective in other districts.

    Having written policies and procedures that are followed not only ensure that the districts security plan is being carried out, but also aids in defense against potential litigation stemming from an incident on a school site.

  • Assessment of Existing Security Force Deployment
    Security personnel are an important part of an effective school security program. Either as part of the security assessment or as another assignment, we can assess the current level and type of school security personnel and/or school Police. Part of the review would be deployment and training.

    Since personnel cost can be a large part of the security budget, effective deployment of personnel based on risk and other factors could result in improved security at a reduced cost.

  • Evaluation of Security-related Training
    For districts with Campus Supervisors, Campus Monitors or other non-sworn security personnel, training is an important element. Without on-going, documented training a school district can be exposed to liability if an incident occurs on a school site.

    We can review existing security-related training. If needed, Inter/Action Associates can develop and conduct training programs or conduct a Train-the-Trainer program so that district personnel can deliver training.

  • Design of Emergency Response Plans
    Inter/Action Associates can assist in the development of policies and procedures to address response to natural and man-made disasters and also incidents posing harm to students and staff.

    We can review existing plans and conduct exercises of the plans to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the district

  • Design of Integrated Electronic Systems
    Most school sites have some form of electronic security systems. Often these systems are burglar alarms that protect strategic areas on a campus. As part of a security assessment we will review the use of electronic systems to ensure that the systems are providing the needed protection in a cost-efficient manner.

    Alarm systems, closed circuit television systems, access control, and other systems are but one part of a well-rounded security program. We will assess the current and potential use of electronics as part of the overall plan, not as the total solution.

    In our work with school districts throughout the United States we have been very effective at reducing the cost of electronic security while at the same time gaining more complete protection.