The services that we provide include:

  • Conducting Risk and Threat Assessments
    Before a risk can be mitigated, it must be identified. One method to identify the potential threats faced by an organization is with a security survey. This assessment helps to identify the current level of security and find ways to enhance security to gain the desired level of protection.

  • Evaluation of Existing Electronic Systems
    While many security equipment vendors or systems integrators provide design services, and do so with the best of intentions, leaving the evaluation of an existing system or design of a new system to a vendor is problematic.

    We can assess the current level of technology being employed, determine its effectiveness, and identify areas for enhancement. Often times existing equipment or systems can be built upon, resulting in a cost-effective solution to increasing security needs.

  • Design of Integrated Security Systems
    The consulting services provided by Inter/Action Associates is a professional resource for integrating electronic protection into a security program. As consultants with no financial or other ties to any equipment manufacturer or system integrator, we provide the expertise and accountability for the design of a cohesive, effective system. With no financial interest or incentive in the selection of equipment or a vendor, or the quantity of equipment, the system design reflects the best interests and goals of the client.

    We can assist with system design, specification and Request for Proposal documentation, bid analysis, vendor evaluation and selection, project management, system inspection and testing, system commissioning, and a host of other duties that may be required for the design and implementation of a cohesive electronic security system.

  • Security Policy and Procedure Development
    Another important aspect of effective security are security policies and procedurers. Having and following written policies ensures the uniform application of your organization’s security plan. By following best practices that have been adapted to meet your organization’s culture, work environment and risks, helps in the defense of potential litigation should a claim for negligent security be lodged against your firm.

  • Guard Force Utilization Assessments
    Is a proprietary or contract security force the best solution? How can the security force that is now in-place be most effectively used? By addressing these questions and others during a security assessment, the major cost center in many security budgets can be analyzed to ensure that the best is being made of these important security resources.

  • Security Training
    Training both the security staff and all other employees can be an important part of an effective security program. Whether your security staff is in-house or contract, when they are given the proper training, your security program gains better results and adheres to the security policies and procedures of the organization.

    Inter/Action Associates can review existing programs to ensure they meet your needs and carry out the organization’s security mission, Additionally, we can develop and present a wide range of training to address security issues of concern, workplace violence, employee security awareness, conflict resolution, and other topics.